Key Takeaways
These themes were repeated most often from the research, focus groups and surveys, and play instrumental roles in Bratenahl’s brand strategy.

Bratenahl is unique

There are few places in and around Greater Cleveland that offer country-like living within minutes from the city. The combination of natural beauty and historic architecture add to the unique mix that makes Bratenahl so special

Some of the challenges are also its best assets

The “peace and quiet” of the community is largely based on the fact that it is not a commercial area, but this also means that residents have to leave the community in order to run errands or shop.

Like a green oasis

Despite its small geographic footprint, Bratenahl has over 20 acres of protected green space, walking paths, and big old trees that line the streets and properties of our residents. It’s so visually apparent, that in a satellite photo, Bratenahl is small green area surrounded by the grey concrete of urban communities. .

It’s not what you think

Bratenahl is known for its palatial estates along the lake, but there’s a diversity of housing that opens the doors for people of varying incomes and stages in life to live in and enjoy all the village has to offer.